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How can I clean my walls for bond cleaning?


As you know that at the time of end of lease you have to do the cleaning of the house you have taken on lease so you need to check each and every part of that house that is as it is or not as it was before when you have taken on lease at the time of bond. One of them is the walls of you the house. So if you are going to leave the property you have taken on lease and you are worried about the cleaning of walls then no need to take tension we are here to help you out from this problem because we are going to share the steps with you that how can you clean your walls by yourself for Bond Cleaning Brisbane in easy way.


  • Steps 1.
  • The first step you should do is to scrap of all the loose paint from that wall with the help of paint scraper or wire brush. Which will helps you to remove slack paint which is necessary if you want to clean your wall.
  • Step 2.
  • The second step you should keep in your mind is that after removing the peeling paint you will come to see the crack and holes and you have to fix it before repainting the wall. This is very important to know for all of you. Because if you will not fix that hole and cracks your paint will not look good.
  • Step 3.
  • Third step is that you have to use the piling compound on that cracks and holes with the putty knife. Let it dry and smooths after it according to the manufacturer's direction. To spackled area smooth you have to sand it. And to remove the dust which was produced by sanding process you have to use the lint-free cloth.
  • Step 4.
  • Now you have to clean that wall from duster or dust mob which will also help you to remove the cobwebs. It will help you to remove that dust particle present in corners of the walls.
  • Step 5.
  • This is the last step which you have to follow is that you have to prepare a mixture of warm water and a mild soap detergent. Then place the newspaper on the floor. After that start the process to clean a wall by dip a sponge in the bucket of soap and start cleaning the wall from the bottom of the wall. At the last, you have to rinse with the clean water and use a towel to pat it dry.

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