Terms & Conditions of Registration For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Registration
A. “The Company” Means Bond Cleaning Cleaning and any other thing to which the Company otherwise assigns its rights;
B. “Client” means any person or persons for whom the Company has allocated a Contractor within the last twelve (12) months regardless of how they're introduced to the Company; and. “Placement Fee” means the commission.


Freight owing by a Patron of the Company to the Company for its placement service, which placement freight may be varied by the Company from time to time on the remitment of no minor than two (2) weeks’ notices. By submitting my play as an Independent Cleaning Contractor to the Company for its consideration, I confirm me agreement to the terms and conditions of the Company’s separateness policy and to Bond cleaning contractor Terms and Conditions of Registration.

  • 1. I represent and warrant to the Company that
  • a. I'm honest, sure, tried, tried and physically good of carrying out the duties of a Cleaning Contractor and shall conduct myself at all times in such a manner in the performance of services for Patrons and in my relationship with the Company;
  • b. I've nowise been charged with or condemned of any lawless offence that has not otherwise exhaustively been unbosomer by me to the Company and I'm not sensible of any circumstances that are likely to lead to me being charged with or condemned of a lawless offence.
  • c. I've nowise been discharged or terminated by any employer or patron for matters relating to fraud, mendaciousness or theft or demeanor involving moral turpitude;
  • d. The Company has made no vows or guarantees that placements with Patrons will be offered to me or about the frequentness of any placements offered and accepted by me.
  • e. I'm an Independent Cleaning Contractor and assume all pitfall related to placements I carry out through the Company and there's no relationship of employer and retainer between the Company and me;
  • f. I'm responsible to effect and maintain my own licenses and insurances that are needed by law or the Company to induce and maintain and to hand my own stuff and cleaning products when I hand services to Patrons as an Independent Contractor. I confess that's the case yea though the Company may maintain its own public liability policy;
  • g. I may decline to accept any work offered to me by the Company at my discretion;
  • h. The Company may remove me from its register of Approved Independent Contractors at any time at its sole discretion.
  • 2. I shall carry out my duties as an Independent Contractor in consonance with instructions given to me by each Patron of the Company for whom I work, and each Patron will pay me for services I hand to the Patron.
  • 3. Notwithstanding, I'll collect from each Patron, and pay to the Company (or as directed by the Company) the Patron ’s Placement Price within seven (7 7) days of collection of the Placement Fee, if directed to do so, by the Company.
  • 4. I'll not charge more than the damages defined by the Company from time to time and will give each Guest with a slip for my services following each service.
  • 5. The Company isn't responsible or liable for the payment of my freights. To the extent permitted by law, the Company isn't responsible for any loss or injury of any nature whatsoever that I may suffer or seek whilst I'm working as an Independent Drawing Contractor for a Customer of the Company.
  • 6. I'm responsible for guaranteeing the quality of my work and I assume too incontinently and duly red-pencil, at my own expenditure, any poor work for which I'm paid. However, either the Company can engage another contractor to do so and charge me the cost of rectification of that poor work, If I don't do so or the Guest or the Company otherwise requires.
  • 7. I'll pay to the Company the excess on any insurance claim caused by me and which I'm entitled to have admitted under the Company’s Public Liability Policy where I'm covered as a registered Independent Contractor of the Company.
  • 8. I'll give the Company does not subordinate than two (2 2) weeks written notice if I choose to cease working for the Company or to have my name removed from the Company’s Register of Approved Independent Contractors.
  • 9. I'll incontinently return to the Company any property belonging to the Company, including any identification cognizance’s, business cards and Patrons ’ Keys in my possession if I cease working for Patrons of the Company or if my name is removed for any reason from the Company’s Register of Approved Independent Cleaning Contractors.
  • 10. Notwithstanding, I'll not for a period of twelve (12 12) months from that date accept any work from any Patron of the Company for whom I've anteriorly supplied services, If I cease working for the Company or if my name is removed from the Company ’s Register of Approved Independent Contractors for any reason.
  • 11. Whilst I'm registered as an Approved Independent Contractor with the Company. I'll not accept any work from an Account of the Company that excludes (or where I don't take) payment of the Placement Fee unless preceding imprimatur is given by the Company; and b. I'll incontinently report to the Company all referrals that I take from Patrons of the Company.
  • 12. I'll not at any time during my registry with the Company, or if my name is removed from the Company’s Register of Approved Independent Contractors for any reason, do or say anything that disrupts, interferes with, threatens, or ends the business relationship between the Agencies and any of its Patrons or that would bring the name and rep of the Company into odium, or which may invoke any damage to the Company.
  • 13. Notwithstanding, 11 or 12, I agree to pay the Company within seven (7 7) days and volume equal to one (1 1) date ’s Placement Prices for each specimen of a breach rested on the supposition that a Punter will be serviced by me once each week for a least of one (1) year, which I recognize is a sensible evaluation of the misfortune which will be supported by the Company because of my break.
  • 14. I won't allow any individual at all who isn't enlisted with the Company to enter a client’s property without the earlier information and assent of both the Client and the Company. I may draw in different people to complete my obligations to play out the administrations with the assent of both the Client and the (earlier composed assent of the) Company, which the Company may decline to give in its circumspection. On the off chance that someone else completes any of my obligations, I will in any case be liable for the presentation of the administrations, like I had played out the administrations myself. I will likewise guarantee that the individual playing out the administrations consents to be limited by these Bond cleaning Terms and Conditions of Registration and I repay the Company against any cases which might be brought against it corresponding to the administrations or by the individual playing out the administrations.
  • 15. I agree to my name, telephone number, arbitrator remarks and work history notes kept by the Company being given by the Company to any of its clients as the premise of their proposal that a client utilize my administrations as an Approved Independent Cleaning Contractor, and I explicitly postpone any rights which I may have corresponding to that data.
  • 16. I approve the Company to check and hold on record, any applicable archives that may demonstrate my character as well as work rights and to get and keep data about me from my arbitrators, bosses, credit detailing offices and some other individual or association who may have information or data concerning my overall genuineness, unwavering quality, reliability, and my capacity as an Independent Cleaning Contractor.
  • 17. I will keep up consistently the security, secrecy, and protection of every Client of the Company for whom I play out the administrations and furthermore all interchanges and dealings I have with the Company.
  • 18. I'm exclusively answerable for the security of a Clients' admittance to their premises, including keys, access cards or controllers while they are in my ownership and I won't give the keys, access cards or controllers to some other individual or have extra duplicates of those keys, access cards or controllers made or imprint or mark them in any way that would allow the Client or their premises to be recognized if the keys, access cards or controllers are lost by me. Any security code that I might be given to get to Client's premises is to be kept by me with outright privacy and I should not give or uncover that security code to some other individual.
  • 19. I will promptly return a client’s keys, access cards or controllers on demand from either the Client or the Company. On the off chance that any security code is recorded, I will likewise annihilate it on demand.
  • 20. If I break either Condition 18 or 19, the Company may utilize my own data, as it considers significant, to work with or to cause the arrival of the Client's keys, access cards or controllers or to ensure the security of the Client's property. I likewise consent to be liable for any case that is made by the Client for their expenses to supplant any locks, access cards or controllers or to reinvent any security gadget or codes emerging from my losing the keys, access cards, controllers, or the security code.
  • 21. On the off chance that I neglect to pay any Placement Fees to the Company, I consent to pay the Company inside seven (7) days a sum equivalent to the neglected Placement charge in addition to the Company's expenses and costs brought about in working out, securing or recuperating Placement Fees or some other expenses and costs regarding my enlistment. I further consent to pay 10% (10) % premium on any of the above extraordinary sums from the date on which they are because of the date on which they are paid to the Company.
  • 22. I will give a Police Clearance whenever required and on the off chance that I don't give one I approve the Company to apply for and get one to my detriment.
  • 23. I consent to reimburse the Company for any misfortune or harm it endures or causes of any sort emerging from any damaged work that I perform for a client or that the Company may some way or another endure or bring about on the off chance that I do any demonstration or thing that brings the name of Bond cleaning or the Company into offensiveness.
  • 24. The Company won't allude Client work to me if I break these Terms and Conditions or if any of the portrayals or guarantees I made in statement 1 are inaccurate at the hour of marking or on the off chance that they consequently become wrong. I recognize that I have a positive commitment to quickly exhort the Company if I become mindful that any of those portrayals or guarantees stops to be valid and right whenever.
  • 25. I recognize that in certain conditions a customer may wish to get a receipt straightforwardly from the Company. Around there, I will give adequate subtleties (as mentioned by the Company) to the Company to empower the Company to set up an Invoice to the Client. I will likewise give an Invoice to the Company for the administrations gave (missing the Placement Fee) and recognize that the Company will pay me for those administrations (and it is simply mindful to pay me for those administrations) following receipt of instalment of the receipt from the Client.
  • 26. I explicitly recognize that the Company may choose different gatherings to embrace a few or the entirety of its commitments or obligations under these terms and conditions, including through the arrangement of specialists who might be approved to follow up for the benefit of the Company. Around there, I will follow the appropriate bearing of the Company. In any case, I recognize that consistently, I will contract with and chiefly mindful to the Company.
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