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Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Bond cleaning Brisbane is a team of experienced bond cleaners in Brisbane to do your end of lease cleaning. Our bond cleaning prices from $40, carpet cleaning $25 and pest control from $59. We offer our service in and around Brisbane at an affordable price.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane Story

Bond cleaning Brisbane Company is one of the best Bond cleaning Brisbane company which was established in Brisbane from few years ago. It’s like 7-8 years when it was established. From that time only we are working with the professional cleaners to whom we give training from the last few years to make them perfect for the cleaning. As we just want to give satisfaction to our customers by their cleaning services. Our first motive is to satisfy the customer so we ready our cleaning team like that only. We only hire expert bond cleaners Brisbane that is professional cleaners brisbane for our customers. As our first priority is to satisfy them by our cleaning.

Bond Cleaning Prices List

Bond Cleaning

Discounted Price
Studio Appartement
Time Duration 4 Hours

Bond Cleaning

Discounted Price
1 Bed House Or Unit
Time Duration 4 Hours

Bond Cleaning

Discounted Price
2 Bed Home Or Unit
Time Duration 5 Hours

Bond Cleaning

Discounted Price
3 Bed Home or Unit
Time Duration 6 Hours

Bond Cleaning

Discounted Price
4 Bed Home or Unit
Time Duration 9 Hours

Note: Above price are estimated only price can be vary depending on property condition and size We reserve the right change this price without any notification how ever we update our list time to time.

We also give discount to our customer on our quoted price as well as we also give 7 days job guarantee to our customer. Like if in future they will get any cleaning issue in the cleaning then they can get re cleaning services from our cleaners and it will be free of cost. Sometimes in inspection of end of lease cleaning Brisbane real estate found some cleaning issues in that case you can take re cleaning services from our cleaning team which will be free of cost. They will help you to get your bond money back by doing the end of lease cleaning Brisbane properly.

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Cleaning with us

Are you worried that your bond cleaning is yet to be scheduled and you are not able to find the time to clean your house properly? Then why don't you take our suggestion – how about you call our bond cleaners on 0449984349 and book our bond cleaner Brisbane team for the end of lease cleaning service? it is the best way you to save your time as well as your money!

The really hard thing is to learn your plan to get your security bond money because real estate is not satisfied with the condition of your residence, however, Bond cleaning Brisbane can easily help you.

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  • Reasonable

    Reasonable-Our services are the most reasonable and affordable in the market. You can compare our quote with anyone in the market.

  • Co-operative

    Our cleaning staff is very sincere and co-operative. They know what you require. They always try to understand your requirements and then they provide their services accordingly.

  • Helpful

    Helpful-Our customer service and cleaning staff are always helpful and they work really hard to fulfill your needs.

  • Efficient

    Our cleaners are enough efficient to complete your job timely with 100% quality work.

  • Professional

    We have professional cleaners who know the value of your time and money. They are well trained and equipped with modern machines and chemicals.

Our Work Process

Find Your Service

Find Your Bond Cleaning Services.

Booking Successful

Book Your Job With us and Get Confirmation.

Cleaning Time

Our Professional Cleaners Clean Your House Perfectly.

Got Bond Money

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Why Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Why Choose Our Professional Bond Cleaners?

Bond Cleaning Brisbane team has an experience of more than 10 years which makes it the First Choice of customers. We provide the necessary bond cleaning solution to your needs at the very first attempt. We not only provide bond cleaning but we provide quality bond cleaning. We have those cleaners whom you looking for your bond cleaning services. Our quality is our strength. To get the bond money back has never been an easy job for our customers. If you want to be sure that your real estate agent won’t find anything wrong with the property you leave, then our bond cleaning service in Brisbane is the best option you got. What more? We use latest and most advance bond cleaning method the concatenation of Eco-friendly chemical and the latest professional equipment to get the best results in our bond cleaning.

What Do We Provide In Our Services?

Our professional bond cleaning covers almost every area of the house such as-Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living area, laundry and garage. It’s also including an oven cleaning. Best quality-Our main aim is to provide 100% quality service to our customers. That’s why we have end numbers of satisfied customers. Flexibility— We also provide a same-day booking even on public holidays and weekend with no extra cost.Bond Cleaning – It’s like you were never there and your house will look like as it was at the time of your move in. Best Customer Service-We provide best customer service to assist you for your bond cleaning.Safety-Your house is safe with our cleaners. It’s not mandatory for you to stay there till the end of cleaning. You can rely on our cleaners and can leave your keys. They will clean your property.

Our Professional Services

carpet steam cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We do carpet steam cleaning along with bond cleaning service, our carpet cleaners have more than 10 years of carpet cleaning experience and best 1200psi carpet cleaning machine to get the best carpet cleaning result according to Australian standard.

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house cleaning brisbane

Bond Cleaning

We offer bond cleaning service in and around Brisbane at the lowest price. If you need best quality bond cleaning at best price, Call bond cleaning Brisbane on 0449984349.

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pest control service

Pest Control

We provide quality pest control service as well as with bond cleaning and carpet cleaning. We have a fully qualified and licensed pest technician to do your pest control for your move out.

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hourly cleaning brisbane

Hourly Cleaning

Hourly cleaning is also known as partial cleaning of your house which is done for a particular area to get the bond money back from the owner or real estate. You can book house cleaning service according to the hours required by you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much does a bond cleaning costs?

    Our bond cleaning price starts from $40. Bond cleaning costs vary depending on the size, the condition of the house to be cleaned and how old the property is. The accurate quote can only be provided after the inspection of the house, and once the price is agreed upon then no additional costs are charged. Hence, the exact quote can only be identified after inspection.

  • How long bond cleaning takes in general?

    Bond cleaning is a process in which the house is completely cleaned and attention is given to every corner of your property. Therefore, bond cleaning can take approximately 3 to 7 hours per home. But still, the condition of the house portrays a major role in determining the time it may take. As each property has its different requirements. Hence, the time taken of cleaning depends upon the condition and size of the property.

  • How much do you charge for per hour cleaning?

    The average rate per hour for Bond Cleaning is approximately ranging between AUD 30.00 to AUD 50.00. This rate may differ in some cases considering the kind of work required and on the professionalism of the cleaners. The average cost per hour depends on many other factors as well according to the specific needs of the customers.

  • How much do you charge for wall wash?

    We charge for wall washing $20/wall. Wall washing is always an additional service and the customer only wants it when they are being asked by their real estate or property owner to get it done otherwise the wall spot cleaning is already a part of Bond Cleaning. Wall wash is provided which includes the thorough cleaning of the walls from top to the bottom. We remove the stains, pencil marks, and other dirt in wall washing(Excluding permanent marks like paintwork). We make sure to use professional tools to achieve perfection in cleaning. The cost is only decided after analysing the condition and size of the walls to be cleaned.

  • What’s included in bond cleaning?

    Bond Cleaning almost covers every corner of your property however it usually includes Bedrooms, bathrooms, toilet, kitchen, laundry, lounge room, internal windows, flooring, cobwebs, oven cleaning(Normal condition) and many other areas of in the house. For more information, you can refer to our Bond Cleaning Checklist.

  • Doesn't bond cleaning include blinds/curtains cleaning?

    We do offer the Bond Cleaning quotes with and without Blinds/Curtains cleaning as it's an additional service.

  • Do you have any hidden charges for your services?

    There are no hidden charges, as we believe in transparency. The price may only increase when you add on some additional services or if the property is extra dirty and it needs extra attention to clean.

  • Do you provide any guarantee for your services?

    Yes, we provide 7 days of a job guarantee with our Bond cleaning services. Once the cleaning is done, and your property owner or real estate is still not satisfied with our cleaning services then you only need to provide us with your exit report within 7 days of the job and then we make sure to rectify the cleaning issues(as per our cleaning checklist) for you free of cost.

  • Does your bond cleaning service include oven cleaning?

    An oven is a necessity of every kitchen and usually, it takes extra time to get it clean. Therefore, it's always being charged additionally for oven cleaning. However, we also include the oven cleaning in our Bond Cleaning service unless the oven is not extra dirty.

  • Do you also provide carpet cleaning and pest control services?

    Yes, we also offer carpet cleaning and pest control services. Hence, you don’t need to worry at all and search for other options for every cleaning task, we are your one-stop for the Bond Cleaning services.

  • How many cleaners will come to my property for cleaning?

    It depends upon the requirement of the customers and availability of the cleaners however usually we send 2-3 cleaners to the property and in some cases, more cleaners are required depending on the condition of the work requested by the customer for specific needs.

  • Do you clean furnished property?

    Yes, we do clean furnished properties also if our customer requires it. We only require a list of the furniture and according to the list, we can clean their furniture also. There will be a different quote for a furnished and unfurnished property.

  • Do you have any cancellation fees?

    There will be no cancellation fees if you notify us to cancel your job at least 1 week in advance.

  • Do I need to deposit some amount in advance?

    Yes, you only need to make $50.00 of the deposit amount so that we could assign a dedicated slot for your job.

  • Do you provide bond/money back guarantee?

    We provide 7 days of a job guarantee for the services we are providing. If you have any cleaning issues from our cleaning checklist and you notify us within 7 days of your job then we can rectify the things free of cost for you and you can easily get your Bond Money back. Hence, this guarantee is also equivalent to the money-back guarantee.

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