What Is End Of Lease Cleaning And What’s Include In It?

Naturally, shifting is a significant unpleasant undertaking.

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Relieve Your Moving Stress with Expert End of Lease Cleaners!

Naturally, shifting is a significant unpleasant undertaking. It would help if you gave critical energy and exertion in packing and loading your stuff. In this case, you can’t assume other liabilities for profound cleaning the whole property in which you lived, basically when it is related to the bond sum. In this manner, you should employ our end of lease cleaners so you can be free from anxiety at the time of moving. Cleaning the house at the lease end is a very tough task, and it is not as easy as it seems, which can be performed at the last moment of the shifting.

Cleaning at the time of leaving is not like regular household work it requires cleaning with full perfection to retain the property to the same condition that was starting when you hold this property. After all, it requires a lot of time and cleaning perfection to precisely clean the house, which is very important to get back your bond money because the landowner wants his property in the same condition that was at the start of the lease or at the time of the agreement, so it’s your responsibility to clean the property before handover the keys to the Real estate.

Now you don’t have to be worried because Bond Cleaning Brisbane is with you to solve all your cleaning-related problems at any point in time. We have a team of professional and expert bond cleaners who will carry out all the cleaning services with a high-quality modern tool and technology to get back your money without any tension.

What’s Include In End Of Lease Cleaning?

Professional cleaners can convert your property to an exactly similar sparkling condition at the agreement’s time. These expert cleaners will perform all the cleaning areas required at the lease end, including the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, switches, internal windows, cupboards etc. Our cleaning experts can also provide you with carpet cleaning and pest control services on your demand. Our professional cleaner will remove all the dirt particles from every corner of the house and give your house a new look.

General Cleaning

1.    Cleaning of spots from walls, switches, and floor.

2.    Fan, Air Conditioner, and exhaust fan cleaning.

3.    The vacuum of the floor and carpets.

4.    Cleaning of the internal window, window track, window channels, and mirrors.

5.    Mopping on the floor.

6.    Cleaning of cupboards, drawers, doors, and shelves.

7.    Removal of cobwebs.


Cleaning the kitchen is very time-consuming and need a lot of effort because it includes so many things like

1.    Cleaning inside and outside of the oven, tray, racks, etc.

2.    Clean the sink, and drain hole.

3.    Clean the cupboards and drawers.

4.    Cleaning of spots present on the wall and floor.

5.    Cleaning of dishwashers.

6.    Cleaning of windows, windows track.

7.    Cleaning the internal kitchen window and window tracks


Bathroom cleaning  includes

1.    Cleaning of the bathtub.

2.    Cleaning of mirrors, cupboards, and internal windows.

3.    Cleaning of spots on walls and floor tiles.

4.    Cleaning of toilet seats, taps, shower, and washbasin.

5.    Cleaning of the cloth rack, and soap stand.

6.    Cleaning of  exhaust fan, tube light, etc


It includes the sweeping of the garage.


It involves drying and cleaning sinks, laundry floor mopping, and spot cleaning of walls.

End Of Lease Cleaning Professionals

Our cleaners are the most valuable treasure. Despite a persistent pandemic, every member of our company has shown enormous commitment and passion, contributing to the growth of the company and the amusement of our clients. With all these things, our professional cleaners use eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your home, which is very good for the environment and your family’s health. They work with sincerity and commitment until you will get your result of the end-of-lease cleaning. With this, they are also very punctual and experts to tackle every cleaning issue present on your property to please the property owner.

Our Bond Cleaning Brisbane company is try to providing satisfaction to the customers with the help of our expert cleaners. Our cleaners are fully trained and certified to provide bond cleaning services. So you can leave the cleaning service in the hands of our cleaners and become assured to get quality cleaning services. We want to sincerely express our gratitude to our customers who believe in the services we have been providing for a long time. We are providing our services at a very reasonable and affordable price with a discount to our customers to get enough pressure on their pockets to take perfect services.

Booking Process

We understand the value of your time, and to save your significant time, we put the booking process very simple:

1. make a call to us and directly tell us about your property and location and get a quote via call or email, then chose the time that suit you best. You can either make an online payment or give cash to our cleaning team regarding the payment process.

2.   Secondly, you can also get a quote from our website by filling the form with relevant information about your home and confirming a booking on your email id. You can also make the booking after working hours at your decided time.

Our team is very supportive and dedicated to their work. You can call us at any time to get the resolution of your queries. They will assist you and resolve all your issues related to our services as soon as possible.

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