Basic House Cleaning Guide For Housewives

When you return from work, school, or college

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General House Cleaning Guide

When you return from work, school, or college, your house will still be tidy even though you may have made some messes while away. Your mother or housewife likely performs cleaning every day as part of her routine. She may not, however, be approaching the situation properly. Although we don’t criticize them for cleaning properly, they could expedite their work with our assistance.

It may also be quite beneficial to divide your cleaning activities into daily, weekly, and monthly ones. You won’t have to spend hours performing a thorough cleaning of your home ever again. Let’s check the house cleaning checklist to perform the best house cleaning at your home.

Guide For House Cleaning

1) Weekly Cleaning Routine

Make a checklist of your cleaning routine which you will follow the whole week. From Monday to Sunday always make a habit of making your bed first. Always deep clean your bathroom and kitchen twice a week. As soon as you are done making the bed before going to make your morning tea or coffee put the dirty cloth in the washing machine.

Always clean your dishes immediately to avoid the pile. For cleaning the house to its best you always need a house cleaning checklist. If you are cleaning your house regularly, only you will enjoy cleaning your house.

2) Organize All Thing

When you think of doing the house cleaning gather all the cleaning agents. Avoid using toxic chemicals, and use only plant-based or organic products. You can also gather some of the home remedies which are handy and available at your home. Some of them are- baking soda, lemon, white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

3) Declutter

Decluttering is essential as it can avoid sudden accidents which might happen by tripping on any cluttered items on a floor. There may be a lot of clutter on your home’s floor, table, and cabinets. Before thinking about cleaning the house where more care is required, start with decluttering. It is recommended to clean your children’s house before going to sleep.

4) Top To Bottom Cleaning

Before shifting to the bottom, begin cleaning from the ceiling. There may be cobwebs on your home’s roof, and regular cleaning is necessary. Cobwebs return after being removed after two to three days. Therefore, frequent cobweb cleaning will prevent dust buildup. Move to the bottom when you’ve finished cleaning the upper section. Clean your walls, windows, doors, etc. After that, sweep and clean your floor.

5) Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning is highly essential since preserving its cleanliness is everyone’s top concern. White vinegar and baking soda are all you need, even if your kitchen is greasy and oily. After some baking soda has been rubbed, white vinegar is added. Baking soda and vinegar work together to make a foam that, when applied to a surface and then washed away with water, completely gets rid of all grease and oil. Always start cleaning your kitchen from kitchen cabinets.

6) Bathroom Cleaning

Your bathroom also needs attention, you can clean your bathroom with any organic cleaning agent. But to make it clean and shiny with some home remedies you need baking soda and vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda on the bathroom floor, spray a small amount of water and rub it for a few minutes. Then spray white vinegar and rub the floor again and then wash off. To sanitize your bathroom clean with hydrogen peroxide. An unhygienic bathroom is home to bacteria and will lead to many diseases.

7) Maintain Window Cleanliness

A bright day will cause your cleaning solution to dry up, so always pick an overcast day to clean your windows. Make a cleaning solution using 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol, 3 tablespoons of white vinegar, and 1 cup of purified water. Clean the window with this mixture after mixing all the components in a spray bottle.

Use a ladder to clean your window if it is high and out of your reach. The greatest house cleaning advice for cleaning high windows is to use a telescoping pole even if you can’t get to it with a ladder.

8) Regular Cleaning

The finest results come from frequent housecleaning. Only a few areas of your home require a comprehensive cleaning when you do a comprehensive cleaning operation in the spring or the fall. Given that you routinely clean your home, you won’t need much work even during the spring or fall cleaning.


Your house needs attention and needs a clean-up before it gets dirtier. In this article, we have come up with some useful house cleaning ideas that housewives can apply in their life to do the best house cleaning. Routine cleaning of the house and maintaining a house cleaning checklist make the work easy.

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