How Often Should a House be Deep Cleaned in Brisbane?

If it was not hard enough to keep on top of the general housekeeping…

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Deep House Cleaning

If it was not hard enough to keep on top of the general housekeeping chores, then you may not want to know how often you should be deep house cleaning the rest of your home. As households become busier year on year, experts believe we rapidly lose the fight against allergens and grime. However, you can also deep clean your house without making an individual effort by just contacting us. We provide bond cleaning services in Brisbane.



Every week. Food splatters and left-over moisture can become a breeding ground for germs. Giving your microwave and the turntable a thorough clean every week should remove those otherwise missed splashes.


Every month. Food spills, leaky meat wrappers, and rotting vegetables (hello salad drawer!) can lead to serious bacterial contamination. Removing all your food and wiping down all the shelves and drawers with an antibacterial wash shall prevent bacteria from spreading and help you keep on top of expired foods.


If your oven starts to smell previously cooked food or smoke, it is time to deep clean the oven. In-between cleaning, you can use a damp rag to remove spills and splashes.


Bathtubs and Showers

Every week. Offering a warm and moist environment, bathtubs and showers are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that cause skin infections.


Every week. Most households can manage by wiping over the cistern, buttons, and toilet seat with an antibacterial agent; deep clean the toilet weekly with a cleaner and toilet brush to remove stains and mineral deposits.


Once a year. Removing the showerhead and soaking it in a descaling product will help remove internal mineral build-up and return the showerhead to its former glory.


Every week. A fabric bath mat can act like a juicy spongy breeding ground for bacteria and fungus-like tubs. Use a sanitizing wash to remove any harmful bugs and hang the mat in full sun to dry.



Quarter. You spend about a third of your life in bed, so it makes sense to regularly cleanse your pillows from trapped dead skin, oil, sweat, allergens, dust mites, and their eggs. Evaluate all the points and make sure that you hire a Bond Cleaning Brisbane professional for your comfort.


Every six months. Like pillows, the mattress can soak up and trap body fluids, dead skin, allergens, dust mites, and even bed bugs in its fibres. So to keep your bed smelling sweet, get the mattress professionally steam cleaned every six months.

Duvets and Blankets

Every six months. Check if your local launderette offers extra-large washing machines that are perfectly sized for large duvets and blankets. To escape from this challenging work, contact us, and we will provide you with the best experience you could ever imagine, the best bond cleaning services.

Living areas


Vacuum every week with a deep clean every six to twelve months. Depending on your lifestyle, cleaning your carpets can be needed as much as twice a year. A family with young children and pets may find they need to get their floor coverings cleaned more regularly to stay on top of stains, dust, and trodden-in grime, so it is best to get a professional home carpet cleaner on board. To escape from this challenging work, contact us, and we will provide you with the best experience you could ever imagine, the best bond cleaning services.

Skirting boards

Every quarter. Using a brush applicator for your vacuum, vacuum and wipe over skirting boards to remove the thick layer of dust and allergens that often accumulate on this feature.

Windows and Drapes

Every three to six months, get your windows and drapes professionally cleaned every six months to remove grime. Blinds and woodwork should be dusted and wiped down every three months.


If your home needs a deep house cleaning, but you do not have the time or energy to tackle such a huge undertaking, why not leave it to the experts and call our professional cleaning team? Contact us today! At bond cleaning Brisbane we provide you with the best bond cleaning services in the whole of Brisbane. So in case you are looking forward to the service do contact us now to avail 25% instant discount.

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